Belfast to Blanco

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

As a group of young people from Ardoyne and the Shankill prepare to head to South Africa for the third year of the Belfast to Blanco project – two of them share their hopes with us…

The B2B experience gives teenagers, who are part of the Hammer and Ardoyne youth clubs, the opportunity to reach out and help people in the township of George.

In previous years teams have worked on a play park for children, helped renovate homes and visited elderly people. This year there’s much anticipation among those heading out…

Demi Greer is from the Shankill and says she initially wanted to be part of the B2B team after hearing the stories of previous groups.

“I saw how much they loved the trip and how much it changed them and I wanted to experience it for myself. I now realise that I wanted to be apart of the team because it will help me discover the person I am and hope to be.”

Demi sees herself as “very much a home bird” but wants to reach out and impact lives in South Africa’s townships.

Paddy Lavelle, from Ardoyne, says his “heart was set on doing his best in the interviews and getting a chance at this lifetime opportunity.”

“That night was a very sleepless night for me – up thinking of what I could’ve said. Then I got told I got picked for it… I was over the moon with myself – it give me a lot more confidence than what I had. I see it as a stepping stone for what im going to do.”

Since those interviews – the group has prepared, fundraised and are now due to head to South Africa this week.

Paddy says he hopes the trip will be personally transformative.

“I expect the journey to better me as a person and launch me into better things for the future. I think it will be the push I need to better myself in everyway possible and be grateful for what I have – and hopefully it will be a real eye opener.”

For updates on the B2B trip you can follow the team’s progress at –

Here at Tell It In Colour we wish the team an incredible trip!!

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