Monday, June 5, 2017

At Tell It In Colour we’re passionate about giving a voice to those who feel like no-one is listening… And lately something that’s been on our hearts & minds is a real grassroots frustration with the limbo in local politics.

So over the next few weeks TiiC will hear from those across our communities who are desperate to see local decision makers reach out and form a government. It’s our plan to let you hear those voices too. We’ll be publishing a series of videos that capture the diverse reasons why people are passionate that here does work. Under the hashtag #makeherework we’ll be sharing these videos across our social media platforms…

But please feel free to join in. Our hope is to run a campaign which captures just how passionate people are about this place we call home & the diverse reasons behind why they want to see it flourish. Why not capture your own reason for why you desperately want to see here change and work and tag us into your video on twitter – @tellitincolour

We want to get the attention of our leaders and show the depth of passion that exists for a government that will strive to see this place become the very best version of itself.


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  • David McMaster | Wednesday, 14th June 2017 at 22:42


    Truly glad I stumbled upon this website (by way of Judith Hill’s twitter account) love the idea and will follow with interest

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