Spotlighting the Change Makers

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

With big picture politics here in paralysis, it can seem that real change is forever eluding us. There’s a sense that the political breakdown is costing us – when it comes to the advancement of peace & reconciliation. In fact the tragedy is that some in the community sector argue that there has been an unravelling of community relations because of the lapsing of Stormont.

But yet, on the ground in our communities are those of you who continue to forge change and help create new futures. And so Tell In In Colour is going to spend some time spotlighting people who are actively pursuing change across different sectors. We plan to tell these stories..

We want to highlight what they’re up to & prove to ourselves – and to you – that we still are people of change here. So stay with us over the next few months as we tell you these stories. Help us share these stories too in the hope that collective voices pushing for change can create new tipping points – & that together we can help move this place closer to the future it deserves.

So please give us a shout & suggest/ nominate those you see as active change makers here…

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