Women on the Interfaces

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

There was much energy in the room, as women from interface communities across Belfast gathered to watch a movie about their journey of coming together; their quest to have their voices heard.

720p Women on the interface from Tell It In Colour on Vimeo.

Seventy women from 11 communities took part in this Belfast Interface Project. They’ve been meeting together for months, first separately, then together to dream of and call for change in Belfast.

For Gloria, who’s 70, this was the first time she’d taken part in a cross community project & she says it’s been life altering.

“We’re realising we can have a voice and we must have it together,” she enthuses.

“It’s made such a change to me. You’re accepted how you are – where you thought you wouldn’t be. Now I’ve had to get to the age I am now – which is over 70 – to find that out…”

Many of the women who took part told us they want to pass on different ways of thinking to their daughters and the next generation, so that the city becomes a freer place.

Ella from the Short Strand believes that the project is only a starting point.

“It’s not that women hate other communities – it’s just that we haven’t been sure of each other because of the conflict,” she reflects.

“I think that’s been a big wedge that we now need to break down & get on with changing things.”


  • Vicky Cosstick | Wednesday, 29th March 2017 at 13:12


    Congratulations to Belfast Interface Project and Tell It in Colour for making this fantastic film & to all the women who participated. I found it very moving — it shows the strength and resilience of women and what we are capable of when we get together and decide on change. It shows the need for more cross community work and for politicians to have more vision and courage.

  • Gerry Skelton | Tuesday, 11th April 2017 at 16:24


    This was an encouraging piece of work and lovely to see part of it captured on video. Well done to all the women involved for embracing the challenge and their sisters from the ‘other side’; across the various physical, emotional, psychological interfaces that couldn’t hem them in!
    Gerry Skelton, Director, Treadagh House.

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